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A LITTLE ABOUT OUR CHARMING HISTORY started  in 1998 as a solution to finding quality beads, charms
and pendants that we could not find locally.  We had to buy in bulk so the internet
was our solution to get rid of the excess.  Who knew everyone was looking for quality
beads and charms also! The first version of had only Crow beads
and a handful of charms for sale.

The growth that has experienced has been slow, steady and determined.
It has not been quick, it has not been easy, but it has been a labor of love. When you look
through our pages of beads and charms you will know how easy it is to fall in love!

Today we're still here, improving, changing, adding to our site. We hope that
you will take this opportunity to browse our site. We know that you will find it easy to navigate, and
stocked with an eclectic assortment of charms, beads, watch faces, and beading supplies.
And we know you will love our prices.

We expect our business to grow and grow online and we look forward to serving you, our
customer and most important asset, for many years to come. The Beads and Charms website has over
5,000 incredible, high quality charms in sterling silver and pewter. Charms are a wonderful
gift for young and old, and make a timeless and loving keepsake. You can select charms for someone who
collects charms or to give to bridesmaids or to honor a new mom. The reasons to choose charms as a gift
are endless. Our selection includes charms of Animals and Pets, Cartoon Characters, Birthday and Anniversary, Good Luck/ Irish, Love and Marriage, Mom and Baby, Nautical, Sports, Travel, Letters A-Z, Charm Holders.

Charm bracelets make the perfect gift for a child, teenager, new mom, favorite aunt or beloved grandmother.  Choose from sterling silver or gold filled mom, baby and family charms. Any mother would love a piece of jewelry for her Mother's Day Gift. Beads and Charms has a large selection of Birthstone Charms, Rings and Bracelets that are perfect for all mothers. Our selection also includes baby shoes, stork charms that are great for a baby shower. Todays charm bracelets is tomorrow's heirloom.

The History of Charms

Charm bracelets, which have a long and rich history, are enjoying a renaissance. The wearing of charms
dates back to prehistoric times.

The first charm bracelets were probably worn by the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians and Hittites from
500 to 400 B.C. Those charms were made of lapis lazuli, rock crystal and other gems and were inscribed
with small designs, such as figures of gods, man and animals. They were immediately associated with
special powers.

By the 1890's charms had evolved from spiritual protector to fashion statement. In Victorian England,
where elegant and elaborate jewelry was the style, charm bracelets were standard fixtures. Queen Victoria
further popularized the trend by wearing a charm bracelet of small lockets containing family portraits.

Charm bracelets were the most popular in the U.S. in the 1940's and 1950's. Soldiers often picked up
charms from every city they visited during World War II, and the fashion trend itself continued
into times of peace. Fifty years later charms remain a popular keepsake. Today, a growing trend is
theme charm bracelets. Popular themes include travel, gardening, sun and stars, and nautical.

Charms provide a sentimental and lasting souvenir for any occasion. "People appreciate having keepsakes
to preserve special moments and events in their lives." says Christopher Lux, president of Rembrandt Charms.
People enjoy sharing important mementos with their children.

Many women start collecting charms as pre-teens. The most common scenario is a mother giving her daughter
a charm bracelet, either as a new gift or passing on a family heirloom bracelet. Then, the daughter adds her
own charms representing her favorite hobbies, sports and interests. As the daughter matures, so does her
charm bracelet. Eventually, that same bracelet may hold a graduation cap, college insignia, the Eiffel Tower,
wedding bells and lockets of her children.

A Tidbit about Pewter Charms:

Modern lead free pewter tarnishes slowly and evenly. Its patina is often considered an enhancement to its appearance, but if you want to remove the tarnish, you can use a pewter polish, cleaning soda, or other material (don't use silver polish or standard tarnish remover formulations).

Today newly manufactured pewter is a lead free alloy usually being hardened with additions of antimony and copper, containing over 90% tin. Other elements such as silver and bismuth are sometimes used.

The Light Antique Silver finish will tarnish over time if left in direct air. It is best keep them in a closed polybag if not being worn.

Allergic or "Green Skin" reaction to pewter?

Unless your allergic, normally the only thing that turns your skin green is nickel content so if an item has nickel and your allergic your going to go green. The only way round it is to wear hypo-allergenic. Steel can also still turn you green but it depends when it was made as there are standards as to how much nickel a metal sold for jewelry purposes can contain.

So in a nutshell ... I haven't heard of lead free pewter being an irritant to skin BUT if you are allergic it would vary person to person.

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